Ensemble Genesis

The pianist, organist, harpsichordist and composer Masato Suzuki and the violinist Yukie Yamaguchi founded the fourteen member group, Ensemble Genesis, in the year 2005.

The members of the Ensemble are well-known soloists and/or members of the Bach Collegium Japan, Orchestra Libera Classica and NHK Symphony Orchestra and play both modern and contemporary instruments of the baroque and the classical period.

Through the combination of stringed instrumentalists, sopranos, percussion and keyboard instruments, a broad and challenging repertoire can be presented extending from Corelli, Bach and Mozart through Mendelssohn, Berlioz and Milhaud, to Cage, Piazzolla and Japanese contemporaries.

Genesis has presented a four-season concert series, “Autumn,” “Winter,” “Spring” and “Summer” which has found an inspired resonance with its audiences.

The Ensemble co-operates gladly with composers of our century. Composers such as conductor Masato Suzuki and Takashi Niigaki, the Ensemble’s composer-in-residence, are only two examples of the comprehensive contemporary musical work of the ensemble.

The ensemble is performing worldwide in Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium or Switzerland.